Ireland, Britain and the Good Friday Agreement

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The idea of page is to support the people of Northern Ireland and foster good relationships between both communities. They have already achieved great things together since the signing of the Agreement and truly deserve the full support of all the people on the island of Ireland and of Britain.
I will try to recognize all those who contributed to peace leading up and through the peace process and also those who embraced it after, its never to late. Of course the well known characters we know, but theres also the citizens the lent and breath of Ireland who gave the peace process there support and backing.
So if you feel someone deserves a mention or there picture might be included in the gallery, let me know through the comments box provided or email me from the contacts section. There is also a widget provided for you to upload pictures or files.

My own hopes and feelings is that one day there will be a United Ireland and this is made possible through the Good Friday Agreement with the consent of all the people through peaceful means.

Below links regarding the Good Friday Agreement @ Sinn Fein and Irish Department of Foreign Affairs

Queen visits Ireland

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